How to recover the debts

11. máj 2016  

Many entrepreneurs get into a situation where their business partners do not pay the invoice for the goods delivered or services rendered. If the debtor fails to pay due invoices despite receiving a written payment reminder, the problem has to be addressed quickly and effectively. Although a general limitation period for judicial recovery of the claim is three or four years (depending on the nature of the legal relationship), practice has shown that the longer the creditor waits to get paid, the less its chance of a successful recovery of its claim.

However, an individual might also get into a similar situation, e.g. when he/she makes a loan to a friend, the merchant does not reimburse the purchase price for the returned goods, the employer fails to pay a salary or other financial entitlements etc.

If you find yourself in a situation that somebody owes you money, our law firm in Liptovský Mikuláš shall mainly provide you: 

● evaluation of eligibility of the claim

● analysis of publicly available information on the debtor

● sending a qualified pre-trial request for payment

● evaluation of the possibility of out-of-court settlement with the debtor or any other action (set-off, assignment, security institutions, etc.)

● making a court claim including a fast procedure (payment order, European payment order)

representation in enforcement proceedings registration of claims in bankruptcy, restructuring or liquidation

● regular updates of client´s current state of the case

Upon successful judicial recovery of the debt, the debtor is also generally obliged to pay the costs of court proceedings which include the court fee and attorney’s fee resulting that the costs of debt recovery may be significantly reduced or entirely covered.