Obligatory activation of the electronic mailboxes is postponed to 1st July 2017

3. február 2017  

Electronic mailbox serves for electronic communication between citizens and businesses, and public authorities as it mainly enables electronic delivery of official documents. Electronic mailboxes are established free of charge by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic and are available on the Central Public Administration Portal www.slovensko.sk.

In line with the Act No. 305/2013 Coll. on e-Government, the electronic mailboxes are set up for public authority, legal entity, natural person (citizen) and entrepreneur, subject of the international law, organisational unit or organisation according to article 12 par. 6 and for those defined by law.

Activation of the electronic mailbox is the process that enables the mailbox for electronic delivery. Once the mailbox is activated, it is possible to receive electronic documents from public authorities. A decision sent to the mailbox in an electronic form has the same legal consequences as a decision sent in a paper form.

Important information for the limited liability companies is that if the managing directors do not activate the electronic mailbox till 30 June 2017, it shall be automatically activated on 1 July 2017. The same applies to other legal entities registered in the commercial register and to registered organisational units.

In order to access the electronic mailbox, the statutory representative of the legal entity shall own an identification card with an electronic chip (eID card) and a personal security code, or a residence card with an electronic chip, or an alternative authenticator.

More practical information about the electronic mailboxes is available on the website www.statutar.sk.