Some foreigners have to register in the Commercial Register in order to do business

15. marec 2018  

Third country nationals (non EU) must register themselves in the Slovak Commercial Register after obtaining the trade license and the temporary residence for the purpose of business. By law, the foreign entity shall be entitled to conduct business in the territory of the Slovak Republic starting from the date of registration of its enterprise or an organizational unit into the Commercial Register, to the extent of the scope of business recorded therein.

Registration in the Commercial Register is not required for foreign natural persons with permanent residence in a member state of European Union or Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, as they may start conducting business the day of the trade notification.

Foreigners with the obligation to register in the Commercial Register have to submit a record from Commercial Registry at the foreign police department within 60 days from collecting the residence document. The period may be extended by 60 days upon request.

The application for entry of the foreigner in the Commercial Register will all relevant documentation may be prepared by our law firm located in Liptovský Mikuláš. You can also save 75 EUR on a court fee due to an electronic submission of the application done by our office.