Central register of executions is available to the public

30. september 2016  

Since 1 July 2016, the Chamber of judicial officers of the Slovak Republic has made central register of executions available to the public in an electronic form, available on www.cre.sk. It is a public list containing obligatory data about uncompleted execution proceedings; i.e. it contains pending execution proceedings against debtors conducted by the judicial officers in the Slovak Republic. For instance, it includes information about the debtor, judicial officer in charge and the claim.

Any natural or legal person may have an access to the register and obtain electronic information about pending execution proceedings, request a statement from the register or a confirmation that there is no particular entry in the register. The statements and confirmations are public documents proving the status in the register as of the date they are issued (personal identification number is not published) and the Chamber of judicial officers of the Slovak Republic charges a fee of 2.50 euro per page. There is a fee of 2 euro for each access to the register; it is lower with a higher number of accesses. Public authorities and judicial officers have free access to the register of executions.

Central register of executions is of great benefit particularly for entrepreneurs who can verify business partner in advance and assess the risk of potential trade according to the data collected.