Consent of the municipality with accommodation of foreigners

19. február 2019  

The amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreigners effective from 1 January 2019 brought several important changes.

In line with that, the applicant for temporary residence for the purpose of employment must submit a new document to the Foreign Police. It is a consent of the municipality that the accommodation in which the third country national will stay during the stay complies with the special conditions set by the Slovak law. This obligation applies only to those third country nationals applying for temporary residence for the purpose of employment. The consent must be requested in writing at the municipal office according to the place where the property is located. The consent is issued free of charge. Please note that the municipalities are not obliged to issue the consent on the spot.

The Association of Towns and Communities in Slovakia in its newsletter no. 13 has published a document on how municipalities and cities should proceed to issue such consents. The document has only a recommendation character and serves as a practical tool.

It turns out that many municipalities are not prepared for the new administration so it complicates the life of foreigners planning to apply for the temporary residence for the purpose of employment.

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