Faster and cheaper debt recovery

21. september 2017  

It has been a few months since a new way of recovering debts was introduced by the Act No. 307/2016 Coll. on Dunning Proceeding as amended. The dunning proceeding is an alternative to the standard payment order procedure and its typical feature is that the entire payment order procedure is carried out solely by the electronic means.

The purpose of the dunning proceeding is to speed up and simplify the procedure for claiming money, as well as to reduce creditors‘ costs for the recovery of their claims.

The proposal for a payment order using the dunning procedure is applicable only for pecuniary claims. It is essential to have the proposal signed by a qualified (guaranteed) electronic signature. If the procedural conditions are met, the court fee is paid and there is no reason to reject the proposal, the court will issue a payment order no later than 10 working days after the fulfilment of these conditions. In the payment order, the court shall order the defendant to pay the claim and legal fees within 15 days of receipt of the payment order or to object the claim within the same time limit.

An important benefit of the dunning proceeding is that the court fee is reduced by 50 % compared to the court fee paid in the standard court proceedings. If the creditor uses the dunning proceeding for the pecuniary claim in the amount of 10 000 euros, the court fee shall be 300 euros instead of 600 euros.

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